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Standard Features
Equipped with oiless pump.
Light weight Aluminum or Galvanized enclosure.
Impact resistant PVC vacuum tank.
Auto shut-off of primer when primed.
Convenient timer to enable you to check for leaks.
15 feet of service cord.
Automatic drain valve.

Open the valve on your irrigation pump then turn on the
timer switch. When primed you will see water enter the
tank. Close the valve on the pump and turn off timer
If the primer is unattended when it primes - the Perfect
Primer will automatically shut off.

00" vacuum = 15 gpm
20" vacuum = 2.2 gpm
Maximum vacuum = 22" of mercury
You will have to have Adobe Reader To read pdf files.
*12 vdc 10 amp
*115 vac 4.2 amp
*Primes a 4" x 20' suction hose in approx. 2 min.